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About Us


Affordable Solar Cleaning, LLC is a Veteran and family owned business. Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do is what drives us to succeed. Instilled while serving in the U.S. Air Force, these core values remain true. We take your business seriously; 100% satisfaction is our goal. 

Our solar journey began with the building of our home in Lake Elsinore, CA. Having no prior knowledge of solar, we took a chance and included 16 panels in our build; so began our venture into solar energy. 

It wasn’t until a year later that we noticed a decrease in solar production and an increase in our utility bill. Our net loss was more than the industry standard of 1% in one year, degenerating faster than designed. 

Looking at the panels from the street I could see them covered in a film of dust and at the bottom of the panels there was a caked up layer of dirt that covered approximately the bottom 1/3 of the panel. What once was a beautiful black solar array was now covered in a white/gray colored layer of dirt, dust, pollen and the occasional bird excrement. 

I called my solar company and asked them if I needed to clean my panels because there was a layer of dirt on them and we are seeing a loss in net production from when they were installed a year ago. The solar company said we don’t need to clean the solar panels the rain will clean them and that the panels were working normally according to their monitoring system. Well for those of us that have lived in Southern California for an extended period of time know that we don’t get a whole lot of rain. 

We began to search the internet for facts on solar panels. The more articles we read the more knowledge we started to gain. Early articles that were published by colleges in the Southern California region stated that dirty solar panels would still produce energy and the rain would clean the panels. Which this is the same thing that we were told by our solar provider. It all changed when we came across an article by Google. It was about spring cleaning their massive solar array at their Mountain View, CA campus. They stated by routinely cleaning their solar system it will pay for itself in 6 1/2 years.

With this new found data we started finding more articles that would confirm what Google had stated about cleaning your solar panels on regular basis. So the next step was finding out the best way to clean them. Deionized water and a soft bristle brush is what most of our research was pointing us to. 

Armed with new information we ordered are equipment and cleaned our panels. We immediately saw a 28% increase in out net output. We monitored our system for the next couple of months and as the dust, dirt, pollen and environmental pollutants started to build we would start to see a decrease in production. After cleaning them again we saw another net gain of 16%. This time however while cleaning our panels a neighbor asked “Want to do mine next?”  That is how Affordable Solar Cleaning, LLC was born!

What We Do

Other than cleaning solar panels and providing excellent customer service we enjoy educating our solar clients with the knowledge we have gained through our own research and by talking with industry experts. We feel that providing our customers with this data that they will be able to make sound decisions when it comes to maintaining their solar investment. 

Along with cleaning and educating we provide a detailed visual inspection to each individual solar panel in your solar array. Checks to the racking system your panels are mounted to and the wiring if accessible will be accomplished. If interested we also do efficiency checks of your overall solar system. This check comprises of calculating the total wattage of your solar panel array and comparing it to the output on your solar inverter. Typically this check works best on a clear sunny day. We also provide thermal imaging of your solar system to seek out any potential flaws whether that is a hot spot on a PV cell or a whole panel not operating.  We can’t forget about the before and after pictures that will be taken of your solar investment.

Our vision for the future is to continue to deliver excellent customer service to our current and potential clients within the solar community and consistently grow with their support through word of mouth referrals or feedback via our social media accounts: YelpGoogle+Facebook and Instagram. If you are in the solar industry and would like to connect we are also available on Linkedin. 

We provide these services to residential, commercial and government solar systems. If you have a solar system and would like get a quote please contact us.

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Our Team

John Torola

Owner/Service Technician

With over 10 years of Aircraft Maintenance in the U.S. Air Force. Another 5 years of aircraft production assembly at an Irvine based Company.  A combined 2 years of Solar panel cleaning/servicing. Has excellent attention to detail when servicing customers solar investment.

Emilie Torola

Owner/Office Manager

With years of customer service and a background in office management. Emilie is the voice of the company. She will book your appointments and answer any  questions you may have.