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Bird Exclusion Systems

Birds and rodents making a home Under Your Solar Panels?

As a Certified Bird Exclusion installer we can help ensure the nesting pest problem you have under your solar array will never return.

Residential solar arrays  provide shelter for nesting birds and rodents giving them a safe place to hide from predators also, allowing a shady place to raise their young. These Ideal conditions can wreak mayhem underneath your solar panels by leaving behind toxic bird waste and diseases along with damaging the unprotected wires adding costly repairs to your solar panels. Let’s not forget the bird droppings they leave behind on top of your panels hindering their energy production.

Our bird exclusion install includes the following: Proper clean up of Bird deposits/nesting material. Installation of bird deterrent system and annual inspection of exclusion area ensuring years of protection for your solar investment. 

The solar exclusion system adds great aesthetic appeal to your existing solar panels.

For our Commercial and Government customers we also have a wide range of bird control products. Please contact us for more information. 


Certified and authorized bird Exclusion and bird control installer For Two Companies, providing our customers with more choices when it comes to protecting your home or business from unwanted visitors.



Excellent Pricing. Had multiple bids and Affordable Solar Cleaning, LLC came out on top. Customer service and quality of work performed are some of the reasons why they stand out from the rest!


They came out and looked over my pest problem I was having under my solar panels. Took measurements and were able to give me an accurate bid right on the spot.


Had Affordable Solar Cleaning come out and install a bird exclusion kit. Birds are gone and now I have the peace of mind knowing my solar panels are protected for years to come.

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