Why should I clean my carpets

Cleaning your carpets is a very sanitary service. Removing dirt, stains, dead skin, pet hair is very healthy for your home environment

What type of system do you use to clean carpet?

We use truck-mounted units. Very hot water, very powerful extraction power to extract all debris and water from carpet

How often do people get their carpets cleaned?

Household traffic varies, we suggest once or twice a year.

Do all the stains come out when you clean the carpet?

Most of the time all stains comes out. Age of carpet, and or certain chemicals customer put on carpet will set a permanent stain.

Do you clean rugs or upholstery?

Yes we clean rugs and upholstery.

Do you move my furniture?

We move most furniture in the home. Some items are just to large or heavy will clean around it.

Our chemicals safe for my family and pets?

Yes all of our cleaning products are green friendly, will not hurt kids or pets.

Do your cleaning products leave a funny smell?

No, or products have a clean and fresh scent.

If I clean my carpets can you get rid of odors in my carpet?

Yes your carpet will be hygiene clean and odor smell free.