Why should I have my solar panels cleaned?

Having your solar panels professionally cleaned will generate more energy production. When solar panels are dirty, the energy output is lowered and ultimately costs you money!

If I get my solar panels cleaned, will they produce more energy?

Yes! Energy production will increase by up to 20% when your solar panels are properly cleaned.

How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?

It is highly recommended to hire a solar panel cleaning service around 2-3 times per year. This guarantees that your panels will be running at maximum efficiency, both financially and in production of energy.

Can't I just clean my solar panels with a hose myself?

No, using regular water could cause irreversible damage to your solar panels and completely void your warranty. The water here in California is too hard and this is why Affordable Solar Cleaning uses advanced equipment and water systems.

Can I use soap, degreaser or other chemicals to clean my solar panels?

Absolutely not! Using standard cleaners or chemicals can destroy your expensive solar panels and cost you way more than a cleaning service.

Can I use my pressure washer to clean my solar panels?

Nope! A pressure washer will crack your solar panels and void the warranty.

How does the team at Affordable Solar Cleaning clean the panels?

We use a four-stage water purification system alongside our water-fed poles and specialized solar panel brushes. This complex, detailed cleaning process is guaranteed to that leave your panels 100% spot free!

How much does it cost to have our panels cleaned?

A one story house up to 30 panels $250, each additional panel $6 each.
A two story house up to 30 panels $300, each additional panel $6 each