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Ensuring Your Solar Investment is Operating At Peak Efficiency!

We service residential, commercial buildings, government facilities, private and public schools, ground mount solar systems, solar farms and carport solar arrays.

What We Do

Visual Inspection & Efficiency Check

Your service starts with a visual once over of your solar array to ensure it is operating as advertised with inspections to the racking system and wiring making sure your panels are secured and wires are not damaged in anyway.

Before & After Photos

This is the best part of the service. We pride ourselves in our work and this is how we get to show our customers.

Solar Panel Cleaning

The technician uses deionized water and a soft bristle brush to gently agitate the dirt, dust, and pollen or bird deposits to restore your solar investment to operating at peak efficiency.

One-Time Cleaning

Want to try out our service to see the net energy gains that come from clean solar panels. A one-time cleaning is a great way to start out. Most of our current customers started out with this service and now have a solar maintenance package.

Solar Maintenance Packages

Our packages include Bi-Annual,
Tri-Annual, Quarterly and if needed Bi-Monthly. We recommend having your solar investment cleaned at least twice a year depending on location.

What Cities Do We Service?

"We take every precaution when cleaning your solar panels by using only the industries best equipment. Take deionized water for example it is a a two-step process to remove minerals and impurities from the water. First your tap water passes over positively charged hydrogen ions. This removes minerals and metals from the water. After the water is positively charged, it is exposed to negatively charged hydroxyl ions, which cancel out the positive ions. Resulting in completely neutral, clean water for us to use on your solar panels.
John Torola
Owner/Service Technician
Affordable Solar Cleaning, LLC

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Phone: (949) 771-5417
Ensuring Your Solar Investment Is Operating At Peak Efficiency!