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Residential Solar Cleaning

What your service comes with?

Your service starts with a visual once over of your solar array to ensure it is operating as advertised with inspections to the racking system and wiring (if accessible) making sure your panels are secured and wires are not damaged in anyway. A before picture will be taken and the use of a FLIR camera will also be used to note any deficiencies in your solar cells.

For our first time customers we like to take note of some numbers from your solar inverter. We use these numbers for a before and after comparison to show you the efficiency gain from clean solar panels.

After the technician has performed their inspection and taken note of your production numbers on your inverter. They will begin their cleaning service by using deionized water and a soft bristle brush to gently agitate the dirt, dust, pollen and bird deposits restoring your solar investment to operating at peak efficiency.

Once your panels are cleaned the technician will sit tight making sure the panels dry with a streak free shine. Also, ensuring that he/she did not miss a spot while cleaning. If a cleaning imperfection is visible the specialist will repeat the cleaning process until the panel is clean. Only then will the after pictures be taken.

The completion of your service comes with a series of before and after pictures of your solar system along with the output performance of your inverter prior to and post cleaning to give you a first-hand look at the efficiency gain from having a clean solar system.

For our Customers!

We want to make your solar cleaning experience enjoyable by leaving you with the peace of mind that your solar investment is working efficiently for you. We also believe in not charging the customers extra because they live in a two or three-story home. We have the lowest prices when it comes to having your panels serviced and we offer the same if not more servicing features than our competitors.

Along with your solar inspection we like to take a look at your roof noting any cracked or broken roof tiles. We take pictures of your damaged roof tiles to make the customer aware since most clients don’t climb on their roofs very often. We also take note of these for our records as well.

If we happen to break or crack a roof tile while we are servicing your panels we will replace it at our cost. Although, it is never our intention to damage a roof tile sometimes it does happen. Again, this is just ensuring that we offer our clients with exceptional customer service and peace of mind.

What We Need from Our Customers.

All we need from our potential customer is a water connection. This is needed to operate our deionized water tank and water fed pole brush system to ensure your solar panels are cleaned using only the industries best service equipment.

Although we like having our customers home when we are servicing your solar investment it is not required. We want our clients to have peace of mind knowing that we can deliver exceptional customer service and achieve a second to none solar cleaning in their absence.

How Often Should I Clean My Panels?

This is dependent on where you are located. Living in Southern California, we are subjected to many environmental conditions such as dirt, smog and other substances which can build up over time and impact the solar production of your Photo-voltaic (PV) cells. We recommend cleaning your solar investment at least twice a year. 

If you live near an airport, freeway or construction area you might consider having your panels cleaned more frequently due to the higher volume of impurities that can settle on your solar system.

Why At Least Twice A Year?

Depending on the size of your solar system you are either able to generate more than you use. Or just produce enough to offset the major energy users such as air conditioning units or pool pumps.

If you are lucky enough to produce more than you use that is awesome and having a clean system will help you with larger net credits at the end of your annual solar billing cycle.

 If you fall within the category of I am barley generating enough to offset the monthly energy bill than this is what we recommend for you:

The first recommended time to have your panels cleaned is right before summer. This works great because you are allowing your panels to give you the most potential to help offset the major energy users as stated above.

The second recommended time is before winter. The common misconception is that with the shorter daylight hours during winter your panels don’t produce enough to offset your daily energy consumption. For the high energy consumers this is true however, they are still producing! 

We live in Southern California where it is sunny almost year-round. Your panels are still receiving approximately 3.42 hours a day of peak sunlight during winter months. Plus, with you not running your air conditioner or having multiple ceiling fans going to circulate the air in your rooms. You can produce more energy than you are using. 

I personally have noticed on my energy bill that I bank or credit more energy during the winter months which helps me offset the two air conditioners we run in the summer months leaving me with a little to no cost net energy bill at the end of the annual billing cycle.

To learn a little more about what our panels do for us versus what we use most of our energy on please click the button below.

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