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Commercial Solar Cleaning

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Quicker Return on Investment!

Studies have shown that you can get a significant return on your investment by having a routine cleaning schedule for your solar panels. By having them cleaned on a regular basis you prevent dirt, dust, pollen, pollutants and bird waste from accumulating on your panels which in turn allows your solar panels to produce at a more efficient rate.

Each company is different in terms of energy consumption versus energy production. By having your solar investment cleaned on a regular basis and potentially adjusting your heaviest production times to an off-peak period you can save a significant amount of energy. This in turn will equal increased profits by your investment in solar power.

What Comes With Your Solar Cleaning Service?

Your service starts with a visual once over of your solar system to ensure it is operating as advertised with inspections to the racking system and wiring (if accessible) making sure your panels are secured and wires are not damaged in anyway. A before picture will be taken and the use of a FLIR camera will also be used to note any deficiencies in your solar cells.

After the technician has performed their inspection and taken note of your output performance on your inverter. They will begin their cleaning service by using deionized water and a soft bristle brush to gently agitate the dirt, dust, pollen and bird deposits restoring your solar investment to operating at peak efficiency. For large solar customers we use a rotating brush system that rotates in one direction to prevent the addition of swirl marks on your panels.

Once your panels are cleaned the technician will sit tight making sure the panels dry with a streak free shine. Also, ensuring that he/she did not miss a spot while cleaning. If a cleaning imperfection is visible the specialist will repeat the cleaning process until the panel is clean. Only then will the after pictures be taken.

The completion of your service comes with a series of before and after pictures of your solar system along with the output performance of your inverter prior to and post cleaning to give you a first-hand look at the efficiency gain from having a clean solar system.


We Work at Night

Understanding that running your business without our servicing equipment in the way is a priority. That is why we work nights and weekends to accommodate out clients needs. If you don’t think we will be in the way we also will clean your solar investment during your business hours as well.

What We Service?

Retail Shops



Grocery Stores

Solar Car Ports

Small Business Offices

Large Business Offices

Data Centers


Solar Farms

Manufacturing Plants

Food Processing Plants

Distribution Centers



Police Stations

Fire Stations



Water and Wastewater Facilities

Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

With more research being conducted on solar systems. We are able to see the benefits of having a clean solar investment. With net gains of up to 30% and a faster ROI.

Take an automobile air filter when running your car on a heavily soiled air filter it runs sluggish and you can notice a decrease in performance not to mention lower fuel economy.

The same can be said about dirty solar panels. When they are dirty they are costing you money! Not only will it take you longer to get a return on your investment but, the solar panels are not working at their peak efficiency by being soiled in dirt, dust and other local contaminants. 

You invested in solar power to help reduce the cost of running your business by having a sustainable energy source. Having soiled solar panels will increase the amount of energy you pull from your solar providers grid. We want to ensure that your solar investment is operating at its peak efficiency for you by providing low cost maintenance packages that make sense financially.

If you are willing to provide us with your monthly energy statement and the amount your solar investment cost, you (leased or paid on full). We can produce a cleaning schedule and efficiency chart to show how having your panels cleaned on a regular basis will benefit your company financially. Also showing the long-term benefits once your solar investment has paid for itself. 

For Our Customers!

We want to make your solar cleaning experience enjoyable by leaving you with the peace of mind that your solar investment is working efficiently for you.

Also, believing that offering the lowest cost to service your investment will make it easier to see significant gains in energy production as well as increased profit margins with a faster return on investment.

In addition we offer the same if not more servicing features than our competitors at a lower price. Ensuring we are your #1 choice when it comes to having your solar investment operating at peak efficiency.

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