Don't Lose Out on Efficiency

Schedule solar panel cleaning services in Woodland Hills, CA to keep energy efficiency high

As our name suggests, Affordable Solar Cleaning specializes in solar panel cleaning services. We work with both residential and commercial clients throughout Woodland Hills, CA and all surrounding areas to keep their panels spotless.

Did you know that you can get up to 20% more efficiency out of your panels after cleaning? You're losing money when you have dirty solar panels! Schedule an appointment today to let our highly trained solar panel cleaners take care of an important job for you.

You don't have to overpay for solar panel cleaning

Affordable Solar Cleaning provides the highest quality solar panel cleaning services at the lowest prices. We use a four-system tank, reverse osmosis water filter and water-fed pole and brush specifically designed for solar panel cleaning, allowing our solar panel cleaners to get rid of every bit of built-up dirt and grime.

Best of all, you don't have to overpay! Check out our price list below:

  • Up to 30 panels: $250
  • 31 to 40 panels: $300
  • 41 to 50 panels: $350
  • Eac addtional panel: $6

Call today to get top-notch solar panel cleaning services at a price you can feel good about.