Why should I hire a window cleaning service?

Window washing is a very tricky service to get windows spot clean. Not having the proper tools and training your windows will not look good, be full of marks and streaks. It also can be very dangerous in using a ladder of any size as a homeowner.

What kind of tools or equipment do you use to clean windows?

We use all hand professional tools. Squeegees, applicators, tolls, ladders and special solution to help leave your windows spot free.

How often should I get my windows washed?

We recommend having your windows cleaned twice per year.

Do you clean inside and outside of the windows?

Yes we recommend doing both inside and outside of the windows.

Do clean two story homes?

Yes, we clean one and two story homes, all levels and sizes.

Do you clean the screens and sills?

Yes our pricing includes brushing and or washing screens and sill, ledges of the window.